Specials for August

EGF: Our repair cream comes in almond or vanilla scent. It is designed to wear on top of glycolic or supreme A at night.

healing, repairing and stimulates cell growth.

Regular price @ $74.00 Sale price @ $64.00

BPO Medication: One of the most important products to control acne, oily skin and rosacea. It comes in different strengths for a customized program.

Regular price 2.5% @ $22.00 sale price @ $17.00

                       5% @ $22.00 Sale price @ $17.00

                      10% @ $27.00 Sale price @ $22.00

                       10% w/ sulfur @ $30.00 Sale price @ $25.00

                        16% @ $53.00 Sale price @ $43.00


We want to apologize for any inconvenience you might have had with our website going down.

The website is back up and you will be seeing some changes and improvments in the next month or two.

Please keep in mind that we have gone back to out original web developer and your log in, passwords could be different than what you have been using the last two years.

If you need help with password or login go to "password assitance

on the accoubt login page.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact me at skincare@correctiveskin.com.






Here is a list of our discontinued items. They will be on for half off origional price until out of stock.

Green Tea Spritzer: $12.00

Red Tea Moisturizer: $ 31.50

Grapefruit Butter Moisturizer: $18.50

Oxy Respiration Cream: $19.00

Retinolic Serum Reg Strength: $16.50

Green Tea Antioxidant Masque: $17.50

Grapefruit Gel Masque: $17.50

12% Hand & Body Lotion: $13.50

EGF Hand & Body Lotion: $15.00 


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