Anti-Aging Tripeptide Sunscreen SPF 30 (CS090) Corrective Skin Care Clinic

Anti-Aging Tripeptide Sunscreen SPF 30

Item #: CS090

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BENEFITS: Anti-Aging  Tripeptide Sunscreen SPF 30 is a broad spectrum, age reversing treatment designed for the face. This luxurious sunscreen combines the anti-aging power of synthetic snake venom (Syn-ake) with the micro delivery properties of Apple Stem Cell Technology to reinstate supple skin and youthful luminosity.

FOCUS INGREDIENTS: Broad-Spectrum  Protection. Chemical agents absorb UV light rays, lowering energy levels and the releasing light energy as heat energy

Physical agents reflect and scatter light energy rays at addressing UVB.

Hydrating Complex: Infused with Lavender and Tangerine oils for a radiant glow, leaving a refreshing scent.

Stem Cell And synthetic snake venom helps support skin’s cellular turnover.

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