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Our Custom Glycolics are the best, aggressive anti-aging product in our lineup, giving you a powerful tool to reveal hydrated, youthful and healthy skin, taking years off of your face… from the comfort of your own home. We get RAVE reviews from our customers about our glycolics and we know why… because pH matters. And if the pH isn’t strong enough, it doesn’t matter what percentage strength is in your formula. Even better… we allow you to customize your strength based on your experience with glycolics, skin sensitivity and tolerance, allowing you the flexibility to use a mild or strong formulation.. The ultimate in control! Further customization allows you to treat acne or pigmentation issues. Encourages cell turnover to increase due to the pH levels of these products. This produces more collagen, it reflects light differently. Other products penetrate the skin more effectively. “Like a peel in a bottle.” .

Glycolic Acid is the smallest molecular size of the alpha-hydroxy acids.

Salicylic is a beta-Hydroxy acid, this is a peeling agent with natural spin trap. It can be used alone or blended with other acids for acne prone or oily skin.

L-Arubtin, Gallic may be blended to other acids to give skin lightening benefits.

Product Data Sheet

Tutorial for Custom Blended Glycolics

Ordering Custom Glycolics

How to order:

Step One: Choose your product strength

Step Two: Choose your additives

Step Three: Use for 60 Days and increase product strength to tolerance


Percentage Recommendations: 


4% - 6% are good starting strengths. If you have dry or sensitive skin, start with the 4% mixture. 

Step up by 2% with a new bottle IF you aren’t feeling a tingling sensation when you apply. 




Acne Prone: Salicylic
Pigmentation: L-Arbutin & Gallic


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Would you like to include any additives?

L-Arbutin & Gallic (pigmentation, sundamage)
Salicylic (oily skin, breakouts)

Before and After Pictures:
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  Monday, December 06 2021 at 04:51 PM MST
Author: Sarah Jentzsch

This is such a great step in my routine, it helps brighten my skin. Helps with my texture too.

  Sunday, October 24 2021 at 02:56 PM MDT
Author: Emily Socwell

  Monday, September 20 2021 at 01:44 PM MDT
Author: Brian Wilen

Excellent - my favorite product!

  Wednesday, December 05 2012 at 05:58 AM MST
Author: Christine Hartalis

I have tried several serums for pigmentation over the last couple of years and have seen a slight improvement which accumulated over quite a period of time. After just one application of Corrective's Gycolic with L-Arubtin & Gallic, I have noticed a significant difference!! Such an amazing product.

  Wednesday, March 23 at 04:33 PM MST
Author: Teresa

I love the fact that the strength of this product can be increased based upon your skin's response. In fact that is one thing I love about Corrective's products is that they are customized to your skin. Glycolic definitely improves texture reduces fine lines.

  Tuesday, March 22 at 08:25 PM MST
Author: Kay Shean

  Tuesday, March 22 at 10:33 AM MST
Author: Carrie

A miracle juice for the skin! Evens out my skin tone, reduces size of pores, and helps remove dead skin.

  Monday, March 14 at 06:47 PM MST
Author: Susan Mulkey

Originally a skeptic, now a believer! 30 years of use and still fooling everyone about my age! This is a facial addiction that I'm glad I can't break! Try it. You'll be a believer too and when you're 63, no one will think you're over 50.

  Monday, March 14 at 02:58 PM MST
Author: Luann Lee-McCleery

I have used this product too since I was 30 and now 56 years old. This product makes my skin thick. I feel I have amazing skin because of the glycolic, I get from Corrective Skin Care. After the tingling sensation, then you put the EGF Cream. Then you become Gorgeous! Thanks again Gail...because of You!

  Thursday, March 20 at 01:10 PM MST
Author: Melina Gower

i absolutely love it, i suffer from acne and clogged pores and i have been using glycolic acid 6% and the acne is gone, my skin is so bright!! all my very visible pores are barely visible now, so i just want to say i love this product!!! i also want to say that your customer service is superb. thank u sooooo much!!Melina Gower

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