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Exfoliating Scrubs

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Brightening your skin with exfoliation doesn't have to be a pain with CSC exfoliating scrubs which use exfoliating beads without irregular edges to gently slough away dull cells without scratching to reveal glowing skin.

"I love to try the different scrubs. They wake me up in the morning." Allison Bell

Zeolite Purifing Scrub CS001 Zeolite Purifing Scrub
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Products That Treat Aging Skin Aging Skin

Tea Tree Scrub    CS004 Tea Tree Scrub
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Products That Treat Combination Skin Combination Skin

Grapefruit Micro Derm Scrub CS065 Grapefruit Micro Derm Scrub
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Products That Treat All Skin All Skin

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