Red Tea Eye Silk #CS083

Red Tea Eye Silk

Item#: CS083

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Highly moisturizing and anti-aging benefits. Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide-7 increases the synthesis of collagen significantly to improve tissue thickness, strength and regeneration; plumps and relieves wrinkle depth while preventing new wrinkle formation.

Recommended for the treatment of puffy eyes related to aging and dry skin for ages 30+.

Silky, gel-based application.

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  Tuesday, March 15 at 09:16 AM MST IP Logged
Author: Janis Wiggans

I love the way this new under eye treatment goes on. It IS like silk--absolutely no tugging on the delicate undereye area. It absorbs quickly and plumps up the wrinkles.

  Tuesday, March 22 at 10:39 AM MST IP Logged
Author: Carrie

Silky smooth and one small drop is all I need for both eyes. Keeps crows feet at bay and improves overall firmness of thin, delicate eye skin.

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