Acne Kit #CS063

Acne Kit

Item#: CS063
Products That Treat Acne Acne

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Contains: 1oz-Tea Tree Scrub, 1oz- Breakout Free Wash, 1oz-Berry Bliss Spritzer, 1/2 oz Lime Aid Medicated Moisturizer, 1/2 oz Acne Masque, 1oz-Glycolic Acid w/Salicylic and1/2 oz  BPO.

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  Wednesday, September 04 2013 at 03:00 PM MDT IP Logged
Author: Monica Flores

I had grade 4 acne for so long, and tried every product out there, literally! Corrective Skin acne line has really helped my skin stay smooth and breakout free! Thank you Corrective Skin Care!

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