Lime Aid Medicated Moisturizer #CS022

Lime Aid Medicated Moisturizer

Item#: CS022
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This light non-greasy, medicated moisturizer delivers moisture to the skin with chiraromatherapeutic lime oil, while clearing pores and existing breakouts with anti-bacterial ingredients Limonene (D-alpha) and Totarol and reducing redness.

50 ml

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  Monday, November 26 at 09:45 PM MST IP Logged
Author: Jennifer Brown

I love the smell of this stuff. It's so rejuvenating in the morning. And it keeps my face perfectly moisturized- doesn't feel oily and lasts all day.

  Tuesday, December 04 at 05:52 PM MST IP Logged
Author: Jeanne

This product was just what I needed for my skin. I have rosacea, sensitive combinaion skin, and acne. All of the other acne products I had tried were either to irritating for my sensitive rosacea skin or too drying where i needed moisture. This product helped clear up the acne and I haven't seen this little of redness in my face in years. Thanks so much!

  Tuesday, December 11 at 07:50 PM MST IP Logged
Author: V Mertlich

This is possibly my favorite CSC product (there are a lot of great ones to chose from). It keeps my skin hydrated but never oily. It helps reduce breakouts and smells delicious! I can't go without it.

  Saturday, February 09 at 10:54 AM MST IP Logged
Author: Mary Katherine

Finally I have found a product that helps with my Rosacea! This keeps my face so smooth and hydrated. I love it!

  Tuesday, March 22 at 10:42 AM MST IP Logged
Author: Carrie

Great for that dry, chapped, red winter skin. The scent is delicious and it cools and calms my skin while lightly moisturizing it. A perfect product!

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