Berry Bliss Spritzer #CS015

Berry Bliss Spritzer

Item#: CS015
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Berry Bliss Spritzer, with ingredients like Cranberry Juice Extract, Limonene(D-alpha)  Witch Hazel and Citric Acid give a cooling tingle as they tone and soothe with glycerin to keep your face hydrated.


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  Wednesday, March 23 at 04:47 PM MST IP Logged
Author: Teresa

I love this spritzer, especially in the summer. Whenever my makeup needs refreshing, this spritz seems to reset makeup again. In addition it's very refreshing to spray it on and feel the cooling on your skin.

  Wednesday, August 03 at 12:32 PM MDT IP Logged
Author: Nicole

This is my favorite product of all time! It is the first thing I use when I get out of the shower for a moisturizing, refreshing wake up. It smells delicious and is just as fantastic to use throughout the day!

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